National and State Register

Corwina–Pence–O’Fallon Parks

Jefferson County

This park district consists of three contiguous parks, acquired and developed between 1914-1938, which together form one large, diverse recreational facility, encompassing approximately 1,338 acres.  The parks encompass some of the most attractive, gently sloping areas along Bear Creek and a long mountain ridge that affords good views to the north, east, and west. 

 A black and white photo of a chimney surrounded by trees in the park.

Corwina–Pence–O’Fallon Parks

The Olmsted Plan for the Denver Mountain Parks delineated the area as top priority in terms of acquisition.  The largest, 860-acre O’Fallon Park, is bordered by Pence Park on the south and Corwina Park on the north.  Listed under Denver Mountain Parks and the Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks Resources Multiple Property Submissions.