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Cozens Ranch House

Grand County

Built in 1874, the house is considered to be one of the few remaining planked log buildings in Colorado. From 1874 to 1905, the house played an important role in the development of Grand County.  During this period, it functioned as a stage stop and the only post office between Georgetown and Hot Sulphur Springs.  

A black and white photo of the house with two story gable roof and covered porch on the left and cross roof on the right. There is a layer of snow on all surfaces and forested mountains in the background.

Cozens Ranch House (1986 photograph.)

William Z. Cozens was a pioneer in the Fraser Valley.  Eventually, the ranch was willed to Regis College, who used the main house as a chapel for the local Catholic parish for twenty years.  The home site was deeded by Regis College to the town of Fraser, and then to the Grand County Historical Association in 1987.