Front view of a remaining wall of the old house on the Darnell Ranch.  The house was severely damaged by a cyclone in 1916.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Darnell Ranch

Bent County

Fred and Ruby McClaskey moved from Kansas in 1916 with their daughter Lyla. Fred filed a claim on 320 acres south of Las Animas. They ran cattle and horses.

In 1929, Lyla married Walter Darnell and they later purchased the ranch from Lyla’s father and added land to the original 320. The property is now owned by Walter and Lyla’s son Fred and his wife Roxanne. They continue to run cows and calves. The original windmill still stands on the property.

Ruined wall of an old house on the Darnell Ranch.
A view of fallen stonework around the back of the old Darnell Ranch house ruins.  The building was destroyed by a 1916 storm.
The old corrals at the Darnell Ranch.
A metal windmill standing on the old rock tank on the Darnell Ranch, set against a striking blue sky.