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Denver Turnverein / German House / Coronado Club

Denver County

The Denver Turnverein building at 1570 Clarkson Street, Denver was constructed in 1921 by the Coronado Club as a dance club. The Coronado Club went bankrupt and the building was acquired by the Denver Turnverein a year later. The group used the building originally as a German culture, exercise, and social club.

The architecture of the Denver Turnverein design features the distinctive characteristics of the Mediterranean Style with a stucco exterior finish of rough-troweled texture in a rich Mentone yellow color. There is a flat tile roof behind a parapet, restrained ornamentation, and wrought-iron grille work with an arched entrance and windows. The preservation of the Turnverein building contributes to the historic fabric of the surrounding neighborhood as a visual and cultural landmark. 

Today, the Denver Turnverein is the social dancing hub of the Denver Metro Area. The main dance floor has over 5,000 square feet of space with no columns or poles of obstruction. This beautiful dance floor is used nearly every night of the week and often draws over 100 dancers per night. There are various clubs utilizing the floor every week such as Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, Country, Lindy, and West Coast Swing organizations. 

Currently, the doors and windows are in poor condition. Other than the wood being painted over several times, there has been no full restoration of the doors, windows and window ironworks in 97 years.

The Denver Turnverein building has been a part of Denver since 1921. In that time period, the fabulous French doors, the fan windows, and the iron bars in front of the French doors have not been restored. The first phase of this project will restore the French doors, the fan windows, and the ironworks surrounding the ballroom. 

A three-quarters profile of the Denver Turnverein building.

Denver Turnverein building

Courtesy Denver Turnverein, Inc.