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Drennan School

El Paso County

The circa 1917 schoolhouse and its ancillary buildings provide physical evidence about the conditions of rural education prevailing in Colorado well into the mid-20th century. Drennan School contained two classrooms and a stage in which four teachers taught grades one through twelve until dwindling enrollment forced its closure in 1955.  

A picture of the turquoise building with white base. There are tree limbs framing the picture on the top corners.

Drennan School (2007 photograph.)

Like most rural schools, it also served as a focus of community life hosting a wide variety of social activities.  In addition, the building housed a post office and the switchboard for the first area-wide telephone system in El Paso County.  The community continues to use the building for various social gatherings.  The property is associated with the Rural School Buildings in Colorado Multiple Property Submission.