National and State Register

East 17th Avenue Parkway

Denver County

The 1.5-mile East 17th Avenue Parkway is Denver’s finest early 20th century parkway.  The parkway is extraordinarily well preserved and contains a wide variety of plant materials initially specified in the planting plan by the nationally renowned Olmsted Brothers. 

A view of the street-lined road going by some green grass on either side with a sidewalk to the right.

East 17th Avenue Parkway

The portion from Colorado Blvd. to Dahlia St. was designed by the Olmsted Brothers and was executed in 1913.  Dahlia St. to Monaco St. Pkwy. was designed by the brilliant and influential Saco R. DeBoer who served as Denver’s city landscape architect from 1910 to 1931.  The property is associated with the Denver Park and Parkway System Thematic Resource.