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Genesee Park

Jefferson County

Beginning in 1913, a series of land acquisitions resulted in this approximately 2,400-acre park.  Genesee Mountain reaches an altitude of 8,200 feet, and numerous deep canyons, mountainous ridges, valleys, and gorges are among the natural features.  Completed in 1914, Genesee Mountain Road winds up to the Genesee Game Preserves located on the mountain’s western side.

A black and white photo of the residence.

Genesee Park

Other manmade features include a circa 1860, two-story wood frame residence built by the John D. Patrick family, operators of an early toll road.  Other, primarily stone, buildings of note are the circa 1917 Rustic style Chief Hosa Lodge and picnic shelter designed by the prominent Denver architect Jules J.B. Benedict. Between 1937 and 1941, the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the Genesee Shelter House, also designed by Benedict.  Listed under Denver Mountain Parks and the Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks Resources Multiple Property Submissions.