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Georgetown School

Clear Creek County

Built in 1874, the Georgetown School served the community as a school until 1938 but was threatened with demolition in 2006 shortly before being placed on Colorado’s Most Endangered Places list.  Fortunately, the site was saved by the Georgetown Trust and is now in its final stages of becoming the Georgetown Heritage Center, which will house the Clear Creek County Historical Archive and the Georgetown Cultural Arts Program.

A two-story red brick school house with a gable peak at its entrance. Each window has an arched frame.

Georgetown School

The final stages of this project will support painting, sanding, sealing and staining the floor; installing radiators; fixing lighting and accessory features; and repairing storm windows and service connections.  A long-time partner of the History Colorado State Historical Fund, Georgetown’s enigmatic Cynthia Neely, the Volunteer Executive Director of the Georgetown Trust, was a former recipient of the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation, demonstrating the town’s true commitment to its historic built environment.