National and State Register

Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District

Clear Creek County

Prior to the Leadville strike of 1878, the district was the most important silver camp in Colorado.  The initial boom period dates from the discovery of gold by George and David Griffith in 1859. 

A historic photo looking into a valley at Georgetown and Silver Plume

Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District

The Georgetown portion of the district includes a rich variety of substantial Late Victorian buildings.  Because the wealth of the mining district was centered in Georgetown, the architecture reflects the attempt by families to reproduce the lifestyle of their more established home states.  In contrast, Silver Plume developed as the work center where the ore, as well as the wealth, was mined.  As a result, the surviving buildings tend to be of simple wood-frame construction.  The reconstructed Georgetown Loop Railroad®, with its famous Devil’s Gate Viaduct rising more than 90-feet above Clear Creek, is also located within the district.  In 2006, the Grace Episcopal Church received a Stephen H. Hart Award for the restoration of its church and the Snetzer Building.  The People for Silver Plume, Inc., received a 2006 Hart Award for its efforts to preservation important historic buildings in Silver Plume.  The property is associated with the Mining Industry in Colorado Multiple Property Submission.