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Gering Farm

Kit Carson County

Comprising 320 acres in Kit Carson County near Flagler, the original Gering Farm was homesteaded by Edward Gering and patented on July 22, 1913.  Edward and wife Edith raised four children on the farm and expanded their acreage through the years.

Gering Farm family.

Gering Farm family.

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Other than a few years in the service, sons Paul and Lewis farmed the land with their dad until the passing of Ed and Edith after which they began to work the land themselves.  They were partners and best friends, raising cattle, corn, wheat, and barley.  When Lewis passed away in 2009, Paul was forced to sell the remaining cows, but he continued to farm the land, raising wheat with the help of a hired hand.  In 2011 at 90 years old, Paul was still driving the tractor and working his summer fallow, but after a stroke later that year, he moved to Flagler.  Today Paul employs workers to operate the farm, which still produces crops.