Gramm Family members on stage at the Colorado State Fair.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Gramm Homestead Ranch

Kit Carson County

In 1899, Christian Gramm began homesteading 554 acres of grass, wheat and feed. 

Building made of adobe and stone blocks.

Building made of adobe and stone blocks.

Photo courtesy of the Gramm Family Ranch.

The Gramms built a sod house in 1904, and today many of the early buildings are still in place, including the adobe-built farmhouse, barn, shed, garage, shop and water tank house.  Farming was done with horses, as was the wheat thrashing and grain hauling until the family purchased a Model-T Ford that helped.  Today the ranch is 3500 acres, where Red Angus cattle, corn, wheat and hay are grown and raised. 

Members of the Gramm Family Ranch with their Centennial Ranch award.

Members of the Gramm Family Ranch.

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Since Christian, ownership has passed through the men of the family, from Christian to his son William, from William to his nephew Edmund, and from Edmund to his son Frederick, who operates the land today with his wife Sheryl and their children Courtney, Chris, Ben and Gretja.