Centennial Farms & Ranches

Greenwood Farm

Kit Carson County

Theodore and Francis Greenwood settled on 160 Kit Carson County acres in 1908 and received their patent a few years later.  The tax in 1909 was $11.40 and was made in two payments.

Greenwood Farm family members at the Colorado State Fair.

Greenwood Farm family.

History Colorado.

Much of the land was left in native grass, but the rest was put to use growing ha and livestock feed, as well as raising horses, sheep, and cattle.  The land passed down to son Russell and then to his son Wayne.  Today the spread encompasses 3640 acres where the land is used as pasture and grass land.  Several historic structures are still in use, including cattle sheds, garage, machine buildings, and a 1921 granary.  The reverse R open box brand is the brand associated with the operation.

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