National and State Register

Henry Huff Cabin

Montrose County

Constructed in 1906 as a base for cattle grazing in the rugged canyon country of western Montrose County, the Henry Huff Cabin is associated with early cattle grazing prior to the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act, which altered the manner and scope of grazing on public lands. 

A photo of the Henry Huff Cabin.

Henry Huff Cabin

In the 1910s, the cabin also served as the base for early radium/uranium prospecting in the area.  The cabin is also a well-preserved Pioneer Log residence, which retains many defining features of the construction method, such as saddle- and v-notched round logs, one-story construction, and a gable roof.  The site also contains important historic archaeological deposits resulting from the occupation of the cabin by Huff and others during the cattle ranching and uranium prospecting periods of occupation.