Centennial Farms & Ranches

Hogan Ranch

Cheyenne County

At over one hundred years old, Hogan Ranch, located on County Road J in Kit Carson County, was settled in 1899 by James Hogan and his wife Rosa.  The Homestead Certificate was received on December 1, 1905.

Hogan Ranch family with their Centennial Ranch award.

Hogan Ranch family.

History Colorado.

Upon James’ death in 1945, George, the third of his six children, and George’s wife Beulah took over operation before purchasing the ranch in 1964 from the estate of Rosa. They continued to operate the ranch until 1993.

Structure on the Hogan Ranch, 1973 photograph.

Structure on the Hogan Ranch, 1973 photograph.

Photo courtesy of the Hogan Ranch.

George and Beulah’s youngest son, James T. Hogan (Tim) and his wife Janice purchased the ranch in 1993, and they continue to operate it to this day.  The Hogans have continued to run cattle and do some farming on a few thousand acres.  Several historic buildings are still in place and in use including the early 1900s farmhouse and barn and 1940s chicken coop and garage.  The Reverse- SO and the Reverse- L- Lazy- L brands are associated with the farm.  The homestead has been home and sanctuary for three generations with plans for the fourth to continue the heritage.

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