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Independence Mine & Mill

Teller County

The Independence Mine and Mill is located on the south slope of Battle Mountain at an altitude of approximately 9,780 feet.  In 1891, Winfield Scott Stratton made the first major strike of gold in the Cripple Creek/Victor area.  The most intensive period of development of the mine coincided with the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act and the restoration of the gold standard of currency.  

A black and white photo of the mill.

Independence Mine & Mill 

By 1895, it was the premier mine in the area.  Stratton, also noted for his civic and charitable contributions, remained active as a leader in the local mining industry until his death in 1902.  The mill, often referred to as the Peck Mill, began operating in 1908 and closed in 1928.  The headframe, orehouse, and powderhouse are among the structures and buildings remaining on the site.  The property is associated with the Mining Industry in Colorado Multiple Property Submission.