National and State Register

Lay School

Moffat County

The 1910 Lay School is significant providing education to the students of Lay and the surrounding area for nearly fifty years. Additionally, the school is important in the area of social history as it served the community as the primary gathering place for various social functions from its construction date through the 1980s. 

A black and white photo of the school with gabled roof and steeper one behind and steeple on the left.

Lay School (2010 photograph.)

It is also architecturally important as a good example of a modest Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements style building as applied to a rural school building.  Finally, the property is important in the area of non-aboriginal historic archaeology for its potential to yield information important to history.  The building is a good example of a rural one-room schoolhouse and meets the registration requirements of the Schoolhouse Property Type as defined in the Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) Rural School Buildings in Colorado