Barn and outbuildings at the Leafgren Farm.

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Leafgren Farm

Weld County

In the 1890s Adolf and Amelia Erickson emigrated from Boden, Sweden, to Weld County, where they originally homestead land several miles west of Evans in an area called the Ashton Farming District.

Leafgren Farm barn.

Leafgren Farm barn.

Photo courtesy of Leafgren Farm.

In 1914 they sold the farm and purchased a new one near Lucerne.  Though he retired in the 1920s, Adolf owned the farm until his death in 1930.  In 1944 Amelia passed away and the farm was divided equally among her children Lily, Oscar, Elsie and Alvin.  Within a few years, Lily and husband Arthur Leafgren bought out her siblings and became the sole owners.  Arthur died in 1962, and in 1976 Lily sold the farm to her children William, Harriet and Larry.

One of the Leafgrens receiving the Centennial Farm award on stage from Ed Nichols, John Salazar and John Hickenlooper.

Receiving the Centennial Farm award.

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Following Larry’s and wife Betty’s deaths, their interest was transferred to the LBRC Leafgren, LLC, which is run by Erickson family descendants who have raised on the farm corn, wheat, pinto beans, potatoes, onions and sugar beets, as well as lamb and cattle.  Several historic buildings are still in use today, including the 100-year-old barn and milk shed and outbuildings from the 1930s and 1940s.  Today William and Brian Leafgren continue their grandfather Adolf’s legacy, working the farm a hundred years after he purchased the land.