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Link Farm

Lincoln County

Frank T. Link, Sr. was the son of German immigrants Peter and Anna Link who settled in Lincoln County near Genoa.  Here Frank acquired the original 160 acres through the Homestead Act in 1910.  Additional acreage, adjoining the original homestead, was acquired, totaling 960 acres.

Historic image of part of a building on the Link Farm.

Link Farm.

Photo courtesy of the Link Farm.

Frank married Erma Bartley in 1922 and they soon had three children, Frank Jr., Howard Benjamin and Eleanor Marie.  The family raised cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys.  Crops included wheat, cane, corn, millet barley and a variety of garden crops.  In 1944 Howard married his wife Georgia and two years later they purchased the farm from Frank.  Here they raised three children Roger Howard, Lois Linnea, and Glenda Lee. 

Historic image of the house on the Link Farm, built in 1925.

House on the Link Farm, built in 1925.

Photo courtesy of Link Farm.

Howard continued on the farm until his death in November of 1994 while Georgia remained until she moved to Flager in 2000 and transferred ownership to her daughters Linnea and Glenda.  Today the land is enrolled in the CRP program but holds fond and loving memories for the family.

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