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Lulu City Site

Grand County

A silver strike in 1879 prompted the arrival of prospectors and entrepreneurs such as Benjamin F. Burnett and William Baker from Fort Collins.  They organized the Middle Park and Grand River Land Improvement Company for the purpose of establishing Lulu City, which was named for Burnett’s daughter. 

A black and white photo of the site with some buildings before snow covered evergreen trees and a mountain slightly in the distance.

Lulu City Site (1889 photograph.)

By 1881, there were forty cabins and a variety of businesses.  High transportation costs and the generally low grade ores resulted in a rapid decline.  In 1949, the site became part of Rocky Mountain National Park.  There are only three recognizable cabin ruins, with lesser remains of six other buildings, and it is the only platted ghost town within the park.  Listed under Rocky Mountain National Park Multiple Property Submission and Mining Industry in Colorado Multiple Property Submission.