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Magic Mountain Site


The Magic Mountain site is nestled at the base of a sandstone outcropping along Apex/Lena Gulch in Golden.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, this archaeological site features artifacts dating back to 6,000 BC all the way through 1,000 AD when the site would have served as a camp for mobile hunter-gatherers passing through the region. It likely became a more permanent residence as time passed. Some artifacts found at the Magic Mountain include ceramics and stone structures.

This grant project will help to further excavate the area, revealing new information and education opportunities on the Early Ceramic period (200 BC-1000 AD), increasing curiosity, interest, and knowledge of Colorado's past and archaeology by offering hands-on experiences to the public.

Project Update: Learn about current project status at the project website

Landscape image of dry brush with hills and trees in the background.

Magic Mountain Site