National and State Register

Marble High School

Gunnison County

The 1910 building features many Craftsman-style elements, including its overhanging eaves, "elephantine" porch piers of marble, and nine-over-single paned windows.  The school was built in response to a population increase related to the founding of the Colorado Yule Marble Company.  After 1917, the company cut operations, and the population of Marble dwindled considerably.

A picture of the school with cross gabled roof and gabled entrance in the center with bell tower above it.

Marble High School (1997 photograph.)

By the 1920s, both elementary and high school classes were taught in the building, and the school closed in 1941.  For a time, the Marble Historical Society owned the building and used it to house a museum.  During the 1990s, it was reopened as the Marble Charter School.  Listed under Historic Resources of Marble, Colorado and Vicinity Multiple Property Submission.