National and State Register

Minnie Gulch Cabins

San Juan County

The circa 1904 -1910 Minnie Gulch Cabins site, including the cabins, dugout, and associated artifact scatters, represent a typical small residential and industrial complex associated with nearby mining during the turn of the 20th Century.  Intact groupings of this sort from the hard-rock mining period in Colorado are unusual. 

A picture of a dilapidated cabin with overhanging gable and log walls and a person on the left and large pine trees in the background.

Minnie Gulch Cabins

This complex is significant for its association with the San Juan Mining boom, the pioneer log cabins typical for miners, and the potential for the complex to yield important information for history.  It meets the requirements under the Multiple Property Documentation Form, Mining Resources in San Juan County, and the Multiple Property Documentation Form, Mining Industry in Colorado for the property type Mining Settlement and Residence.