Aerial view of the Mortensen Family Farm.

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Mortensen Family Farm

Morgan County

Milo and Clara Mortensen purchased what would become the Mortensen Farm in 1915 from Sam Jensen.

Historic photo showing the residence of Milo and Clara Mortensen built in 1915.

Residence of Milo and Clara Mortensen built in 1915.

Photo courtesy of the Mortensen Family Farm.

The Mortensens soon built a house with modern amenities, such as running water provided by a windmill-pumped cistern and electric lights powered by a generator in the basement.  The Mortensens have grown hay, corn, sugar beets, wheat, and pinto beans on their 160-acre farm over the years.  The farm has also been home to sheep, hogs, horses, and cattle.  Today the third generation, Phil Mortensen, owns the farm.  Phil and his wife Judy’s children and grandchildren often come to help them on the farm.

Mortensen family home built around 1915.
Mortensen Family Farm today.
Members of the Mortensen Family Farm at the Colorado State Fair with their Centennial Farm award.
Windmill on the Mortensen Family Farm.