National and State Register

Mosca Community Hall and Gymnasium

Alamosa County

The Mosca Community Hall and Gymnasium was first construct with support of New Deal Programs in ca. 1934. The community built the Hall and Gymnasium from adobe and wood to serve the growing school district as a gymnasium for school sports events, as well as a community center that housed activities ranging from plays to political speeches. The building suffered a fire in 1947 destroying the original Spanish-Revival façade. However, the community came together in 1949 reconstructing the façade—although only one-story opposed to the original two-story—and rebuilt the gymnasium portion with by using a former airplane hangar previously located in Pueblo, CO.

The Mosca Community Hall and Gymnasium is significant for its social history and its role as the center of entertainment and recreation in Mosca and the surrounding area. The property signifies the sense of pride and community that the people of the Mosca felt. The intentional placement of the school property, and the Mosca Community Hall and Gymnasium, in direct line of sight from the railroad unloading platform represents the town’s motivation to promote its future