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Mt. Pleasant School

Alamosa County

Located about eight miles west of Alamosa, it is the third school at this location.  Built in 1911, the Mt. Pleasant School building served as the area’s only school until 1965 and the last one-room school in the Alamosa vicinity. 

Color Photo of the Mt. Pleasant School (5AL.89).

Mt. Pleasant School (5AL.89).

As the only public building on the rural landscape, it was not only a center of education, but also a focus of community life, hosting a variety of activities.  In its size, scale, window placement, and interior configuration, the building epitomizes the rural schoolhouse.  Its clustered windows and hipped roof reflect turn-of-the-century “innovations” in rural school design.  The predominant architectural feature on this building is its corner belfry/entrance with an unusual concave roof slope.  This property is associated with Rural School Buildings in Colorado Multiple Property Submission.