Looking upslope, across the front lawn, towards Redstone Castle. Trees cover the hillside slope behind the building.

National and State Register

Osgood Castle / Cleveholm / Redstone Castle

Pitkin County

Also known as Cleveholm, the sprawling forty-two room mansion is located approximately one mile south of Redstone.

Osgood Castle / Cleveholm in the snow, 1994.

Osgood Castle / Cleveholm in the snow, 1994.

Designed for John Cleveland Osgood, under the direction of the New York architectural firm of Boal & Harnois, the residence was completed in 1903.  Reminiscent of a 16th century Tudor manor house in its overall appearance, towers, turrets, and oriel windows are among the most interesting architectural details.  First and second story walls are of cut and coursed red sandstone, while the third story and gable ends are covered with wood shingles.  Osgood first traveled west in 1882 and found his riches in Colorado coal fields.  He founded the Colorado Fuel Company, which he later merged with Colorado Coal and Iron Company to form the powerful Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, commonly referred to as CF&I. 

Looking up at the front and side of the Redstone Castle, its windows illuminated in the low light of dusk.

Redstone Castle.

Photo courtesy of Redstone Castle.