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Paris Mill

Park County

Paris Mill was built by the J.B. Fasset Mining Company to process gold, silver, and some lead ore in 1895. The high altitude of the mine on Mount Bross hindered its profitability, so the mill and tram were built to cut down on transportation and smelting costs.

In 1896 Paris Mill briefly closed until 1904 because it could not process the complex ore coming from the mountain. It  reopened in 1908 after it was refitted for cyanidation.

The mill switched hands frequently until it was purchased in 1932 by the Alma Gold Corporation who attempted to make it a flotation mill. Paris Mill permanently closed in 1937.

The Paris Mill was very important to the success of the overall mine and the local economy during its period of significance from 1895-1937, earning it a spot in the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

This phase of the project will focus on the northern exterior of the building and will also see the completion of the western side’s rehabilitation. A preserved mine will contribute to heritage tourism, bringing in visitors to see and learn about the strong mining history of the area.