National and State Register

Placer Gulch Boarding House

San Juan County

The circa 1905 Placer Gulch Boarding House is a rare surviving example of a 1½ story boarding house from the hard-rock mining era in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.  The building originally had private living quarters, a kitchen, dining room and large storage room on the first floor with benches and individual beds on the second.  An adit to the Prospect Mine is just down the slope from the boarding house and the Gold Prince aerial tramway passes through this site. 

A black and white photo of the house with gable roof and vertical board walls hiding behind a hill with more hills in the background.

Placer Gulch Boarding House (2008 photograph.)

This property meets the requirements under the draft Multiple Property Documentation Form titled Mining Resources in San Juan County, a sub-context of the Multiple Property Documentation Form titled the Mining Industry in Colorado.  It has two property types:  1) Mining Settlement and Residence - Worker Housing and 2) Hard Rock Prospect – Prospect Adit.