National and State Register

Rio Grande Railroad Viaduct

Fremont County

Removed from the National Register in 2017.

Constructed in 1931, the cantilevered concrete deck girder bridge consisted of seven 46’-spans supported by reinforced concrete abutments and spill-through piers over the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad tracks.

A black and white photo of the viaduct crossing over a set of railroad tracks.

Rio Grande Railroad Viaduct 

Following a design by the Colorado Department of Highways (later the Colorado Department of Transportation), the bridge was constructed by Mountain States Construction Company using steel reinforcing fabricated by the Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Company. Important features included the cantilevered girders with arched haunches, bush-hammered finish on the concrete spandrels, and concrete guardrails with slotted cutouts. The Colorado Department of Transportation replaced the bridge in 2016.

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