National and State Register

Sargents Water Tank

Saguache County

The 1937 Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) water tank at Sargents is listed as a subtype defined in the 1998 Railroads in Colorado 1858-1948 Multiple Property Documentation Form.  The tank is significant under Criterion A in the area of Transportation for its association with the operations of the D&RGW Railroad on its Marshall Pass Route.  The tank provided water for a vast number of steam locomotives traveling the pass from its construction in 1937 through the closing of the line in 1955.

A view of the tank with round wooden walls atop support beams and beneath a conical roof.

Sargents Water Tank 

The D&RGW Sargents water tank is further significant under Criterion C in the area of Engineering as representative of a distinctive design and construction method associated with water tanks for the railroad.  Tanks of identical design, materials, and construction were built throughout the D&RGW system with only a handful of these structures surviving.  The Sargents water tank is the only surviving example in its original location along the entire length of the Marshall Pass route.