National and State Register

Shadow Mountain Trail

Grand County

The trail, constructed in 1930, is part of the 20th century movement to develop national parks for public enjoyment.  Shadow Mountain-known as Pine Ridge (aneXu haw a) in Arapaho-has probably functioned as a lookout since prehistory.  Its 360-degree view surveys Grand Lake, Middle Park and the national park.  The 3.3-mile trail accesses Shadow Mountain Lookout (also National Register listed), a fire lookout tower completed in 1933. 

A black and white photo of the trail switching back with trees in the background and rocks and dirt in the front.

Shadow Mountain Trail (2003 photograph.) 

The trail reflects National Park Service Naturalistic Design principles of the 1920s through the 1940s.  The property is associated with the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Historic Park Landscapes in National and State Parks Resources Multiple Property Submissions.