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St. Paul’s Church

Gunnison County

Originally known as St. John’s Episcopal Chapel, the church was built in Aspen in 1886 by the Episcopal Missions of Western Colorado.  In 1908, it was relocated to Marble and was renamed St. Paul’s Church.  Two rooms were added to the rear of the building, and a belfry was added in 1911.  The church is Marble’s only example of Gothic architecture and is an example of early religious structures of late 19th century mining communities in Colorado. 

A photo of the church in black and white with steep gabled roof and cross room at the back. At the gabled entrance at the long end of the building is a small bell tower.

St. Paul’s Church (ca. 1988 photograph.)

Once the local marble quarries and mill shut down in 1941, the church closed.  In 1974, the present congregation received permission to move into the church in exchange for maintaining the building, which they purchased in 1985.  Listed under Historic Resources of Marble, Colorado and Vicinity Multiple Property Submission.