Grants Awarded

Tabor Opera House

Lake County

Leadville’s 1879 Tabor Opera House was constructed by Horace Tabor, a very successful silver industry magnate. The historic opera house served as a venue for notable entertainers like writer Oscar Wilde and composer John Philip Sousa.

Leadville lived and died with the silver industry in the late nineteenth century, and that history is reflected in the Tabor Opera House.

The original Italianate exterior of the building is largely intact, making the building a contributing member of the Leadville Historic District as well as becoming one of the nation’s very first National Historic Landmarks in 1961. The building has also been recognized as a “National Treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

This HC-SHF grant funds one part of a four-part plan, providing funding for construction documents needed to preserve the exterior of the building and rehabilitate the second and third floors so they may be used by the public. The Tabor Opera House will contribute to the local economy as a heritage tourism site, while providing local jobs and education about the city’s history.

A three-story red brick building with store front windows at the front and arched windows on the second and third floors.

Tabor Opera House