Grants Awarded

Tabor Opera House

Lake County

Until recently, the future of the historic Tabor Opera House in Leadville was uncertain.  

A three-story red brick building with store front windows at the front and arched windows on the second and third floors.

Tabor Opera House

Built by mining magnate Horace A.W. Tabor in 1879, it offered a slice of art and culture to the people of Leadville up through the end of the booming 1880s.  Because of its grand design of high-quality stone, brick, cement, and iron, it stills stands today as a testament to Colorado architecture—and Tabor’s vision of a top-notch venue. Indeed, the Opera House was the stage for some of the best theatrical and entertainment shows of the time—playing host to writer Oscar Wilde, magician Harry Houdini, stage performer and singer Anna Held, and composer and conductor John Philip Sousa. Recognizing the unique history surrounding the building, the city of Leadville has made it a priority to purchase and preserve the Opera House. Now, using a grant from the SHF, the city has been enabled to acquire the historic property—ensuring public access and preservation of this one-of-a-kind connection to Colorado’s mining and entertainment history.