National and State Register

Tigiwon Community House

Eagle County

The 1934 Tigiwon Community House is an important example of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal program with the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Forest Service constructing the building as part of the campaign of natural resource enhancement undertaken by the Forest Service during the New Deal era.

The house sits in front of a rustic fence near some trees

Tigiwon Community House

For social history it is important as part of the development of a National Monument and related to nationwide pilgrimages and for conservation for its representation of the expansion of the Forest Service's mission from basic custodianship to extensive resource management including the development of buildings and infrastructure to support the human uses of National Forest lands.  Additionally it is important for politics and government for its relation to the Federal response to the socio-economic impacts of the Great Depression.  It is architecturally significant for its Rustic style architecture designed to reflect practicality, efficiency, and sensitivity to nature and the surroundings.