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Union Pacific Railroad Julesburg Depot (Depot Museum)

Sedgwick County

The 1930 Union Pacific Railroad depot in Julesburg played a critical role in the development and growth of Julesburg and of northeastern Colorado.  Rail service moved passengers, agricultural crops, cattle and locally manufactured items to points east and west of Julesburg.  The Denver branch allowed local citizens to travel to and from the city and area merchants to get their goods to market. 

A picture of the depot from an angle with gabled roof and shorter one on the side. In the middle is the entrance with cat slide on the right. In front of the depot is a dirt road and tree stand on the end.

Union Pacific Railroad Julesburg Depot (Depot Museum)

Although the building has been moved approximately 110 feet north in order to save it from demolition, the depot retains most of its original design, materials and workmanship.  The building is a well preserved example of a standard Union Pacific architectural plan of its time for a combination-type depot - a depot designed to serve both passenger and freight operations.  Listed under the Railroads in Colorado Multiple Property Submission.