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Van Briggle Pottery Company

El Paso County

The 1908 Van Briggle Pottery Company building is a remarkable expression of early 20th century pottery factory architecture, as an excellent example of the work of Colorado Springs architect Nicolaas van den Arend, and as a building displaying high artistic values exhibited in thousands of artistic tiles and terra cotta architectural features adorning its walls.  The architect created a visually stimulating building that would attract visitors, provide a canvass for the display of its decorative products, and incorporate beauty that would inspire its workers.

A photo of the building from the front with large sloping roof over red brick and blue trim around the windows and doors.

Van Briggle Pottery Company 

Anne Van Briggle played a significant role in the establishment of the pottery; she secured the financing and the site for the building, planned the building with the architect and engineer, designed and fabricated most the ornamental elements on the interior and exterior, and headed the company when the building opened in 1908. 

A photo of the top of the building with a sun dial and chimney.

Van Briggle Pottery Company

The Van Briggle Pottery, operating in this building from 1908 to 1968 and still producing pottery to the present day, is the longest-lived producer of art pottery in Colorado and one of the longest-operating of such businesses in the nation.  The company’s importance in the art pottery industry is reflected in the recognition and awards bestowed at national and international exhibitions, becoming one of the most awarded potteries in the country.  The building is listed at the national level of significance.