Members of the Vondy family and friends at a picnic near Snyder, Colorado, 1917.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Wacker Farms & Livestock

Morgan County

William Vondy came to America in 1871 from the Isle of Man. William homesteaded originally in Kansas. He and Rebecca Bandola Peterson were married in 1877. They purchased the land for the Vondy farm from the City and County of Denver in 1905, where they raised 12 of their 17 children.

William planted the fields with the seeds of oats he had brought with him from the Isle of Man and also raised corn, alfalfa, peaches, apples, and the primary livestock were hogs. The farm is currently owned and operated by his great-granddaughter, Debra Vondy Wacker and her husband Chris, and son Jared.

Members of the Wacker family (seated) with their Centennial Farm certificate.
Wacker Family with their Centennial Farms sign.
The Vondy family posing by the front porch in an historic photo.
Historic photo of female members of the Vondy family.
A view of the Vondy house through the trees.
Historic photo of Vondy draft horses in a field.
Historic photo of person at the wheel of an automobile.
Black and white historic aerial view of Wacker Farms & Livestock.
Wacker Farms & Livestock 2007 aerial view.
Brush High School students in 1917.  Calvin Vondy is the tallest person in the back row.