National and State Register

Wahl Ranch

Park County

The ranch complex is located at the western foot of Kenosha Pass.  Construction dates for the wide variety of log and wood frame buildings and structures remaining on the property range from 1883 to 1948.

A black and white photo of the ranch with some buildings in the distance and a few evergreen trees.

Wahl Ranch 

The 116 acre district encompasses most of the land originally homesteaded by Thomas Hyatt in 1883.  Subsequently, this area functioned as the headquarters for the more than 1,100 acre ranching operation of William H. Lilly.  Cattle raising remained the focus of operations even after many other South Park ranchers switched to raising sheep.  The Wahl family’s association with the ranch dates from the mid-1920s through the deaths of Albert and Ada Wahl in 1993.  Listed under Historic Ranching Resources of South Park, Colorado Multiple Property Submission.