National and State Register

Westcliffe Denver & Rio Grande Depot

Custer County

The Westcliffe depot is significant for the period 1901-1938 for the role it played in the development of local commerce, community planning and development, and transportation.

Westcliffe Denver & Rio Grande Depot.

Westcliffe Denver & Rio Grande Depot.

Including passenger service, freight shipping, train management, and the residence for the station agent within one building, the depot is a combination-style as defined by the Railroads in Colorado, 1858-1948 Multiple Property Documentation Form.  While typical of other combination depots in rural Colorado, this wood frame building is differentiated by Craftsman decorative elements.  Despite alterations, the building still reads a depot both in its form, materials, and physical location in the town layout.  The setting is further strengthened by extant railroad structures that remain nearby, most notably the renovated engine house.

A SHF funded grant helped purchase and restore the building.