National and State Register

Wiley Rock Schoolhouse

Prowers County

The 1938 building served as an annex to the adjacent high school and provided space for classes in agriculture, a blacksmith shop for manual training, and a sound-proof music room for the band and orchestra.  While successfully serving these purposes, the building went on to provide other educational opportunities. 

A black and white photo of th school with walkway leading up to the main entrance and awning in front. On either side are two large windows and above are leafy branches hanging down.

Wiley Rock Schoolhouse (2003 photograph.)

The Depression-era Works Progress Administration (WPA) undertook the construction of the school district sponsored project.  The school typifies the WPA’s use of local labor and local materials.  The simple stone building exhibits creative masonry technique and quality craftsmanship.  The property is associated with the New Deal Resources on Colorado’s Eastern Plains Multiple Property Submission.