National and State Register

Wise Homestead Complex

Boulder County

The Wise Homestead Complex is important for its long association with providing grain and feed storage, livestock production, and grain production and processing for the Wise Family and the community.  

A photo of the white house from a slight angle with covered porch, gabled roof in the center and gabled window on the right. In the background are two large leafless trees.

Wise Homestead Complex 

Additionally the 1870 Late Victorian style farmhouse along with the outbuildings exhibit architectural and construction techniques employed by farmers with limited means and materials.  The medley of vernacular construction and materials reveal the extent to which the area’s farmers made do by recycling building materials, adapting and reusing buildings and structures, and applying do-it-yourself techniques that met restricted budgets or availability of materials while adjusting to changing economic and technological circumstances.

The property meets the requirements under the Agricultural Resources of Boulder County, Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) under three property types.