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The Lost Book of Astrid Lee


Once upon a time, a young historian discovered another Denver.
A Secret Denver.
A Denver where honeybees, your job, neighborhood streets and national borders, stories of movement and migration, yo-yos and experiments in democracy...
...are joined up with the legacies of historic Denver revolutionaries and reformers, art, comics, pioneer stories, poems, and messages from the future.

Astrid Lee (circa 1972)

Astrid Lee (circa 1972)

Always Something There To Remind Me: The Lost Book of Astrid Lee

A Month-Long, City-Wide, Physically-Distanced, Mystery-Quest-Adventure About Getting A Say (And Getting A Say In What You Get A Say In, aka "Democracy")

Featuring All-Original Art From Roxann Blue, Emily Hope Dobkin, Lonnie Allen, Don Austin, Denver-Digirati-Commissioned Artist Chandler Dolan, Cassandra Elaine, Picture Me Here

With Creative Contributions By Denver Classroom Teachers Association, Kerrie Joy, Mary Grace Legg, Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling, Mile Hive Bee Club, African Community Center, Food Bridge Denver, David Moke & Denver Digirati, Molina Speaks

...and a few surprisingly relevant historical special guest stars

Read the Westword feature story about this project here.

Past Clues

Week One Clue : Aug 28

3-1-1-4-1-8 gets you 36 with a double word score but it’s a long road to find something not so different. Go East then go West as young Astrid may have done on break. Order up a di$h to eat with a side of democracy. ("sed neniam dimanĉe!")

If you’re still not sure where this riddle leads, rhyme it out with Zoo Hero Threw Me.

taS-M m.p.2:30--m.a.11 ksat siht etelpmoC

ht4 rebmetpeS :enildaeD

Week Two Clue: Sep 4-6

Go to where the zeros collide (how Fletcher got his Bounty), and tell them Astrid sent you---but you can ONLY do this September 4-6, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m, and not a minute later 

Week Three Clue: Sep 11-18

Look for "Plano B," four miles downstream from Cuernavaca - find the pioneers!Clue Three - Sep 11-18