The Frank Milton House on a snowy day.

The Frank Milton House, a Prairie Style home in Denver.

The Prairie style, developed and popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, sought to reflect the rolling Midwestern prairie.  What emerged was a style characterized by an emphasis on horizontality, particularly exemplified by low, flat rooflines and extended overhangs.  In Colorado, this style was popular between 1910 and 1930 and is most often seen in Denver.  While the flat roof with wide overhanging eaves is most common, occasionally the roofline is cantilevered over the walls to create deep shadows.  Small casement windows arranged in continuous bands, stained glass windows and limited decoration are also characteristic of the Prairie style.

Prairie Style House Denver

A Home in Denver that is in the Prairie Style 

Common elements:

  1. horizontality
  2. projecting eaves
  3. casement windows
  4. low pitched roof
  5. raised central block
  6. continuous band of windows

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