Press Release

$418,987 in grants awarded for archaeological and historic resources across Colorado

DENVER, Colo. (June 14, 2018) ━The History Colorado State Historical Fund awarded $418,987 across 17 archaeology and preservation grants for the spring 2018 “mini” grant round (grants up to $35,000). The grants provide funding for archaeology and historic preservation projects that tell the story of Colorado’s history and generate meaningful economic activity, especially in rural communities.

The State Historical Fund awarded the following grants:

• Roof and gutter rehabilitation of the Mancos Opera House Checkerboard Hall, Mancos: $32,409

• Construction documents and stabilization of the North London Mine Field Office, Alma: $35,000

• Masonry restoration of the site wall at the Sherman Elementary School, Denver: $35,000

• Passenger car truck casings for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad San Juan Extension Coaches 292 and 256 and Pay Car F, Antonito: $35,000

• Survey plan for the Morse Neighborhood, Lakewood: $15,000

• Architectural survey for the Glenwood Springs Downtown Commercial District: $25,000

• Cultural resource survey (Phase II) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs: $34,954

• Construction documents for the Carnegie Library, Silverton: $35,000

• Intensive Survey of the Pleasant Hill School Bus Tragedy Monument and other sites, Kiowa County: $10,457

• Preservation and interpretation of the Birch Cabin-Willows Property, Estes Park: $24,675.

• National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Harry C. James Residence, Denver: $2,250

• Acquisition of Arrow Tire Sales building, Florence: $33,750

• Exterior restoration of the Cripple Creek District Museum: $19,165

• Porch restoration of the Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, Denver: $28,398

• Construction documents for the Pleasant View Ranch House, Carbondale: $27,255

• Roof replacement for the Erie Methodist Episcopal Church: $13,163

• Masonry restoration for the First Methodist Church, Cañon City: $12,511


The State Historical Fund provides funding for a wide variety of projects including: restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings, architectural assessments, archaeological excavations, designation and interpretation of historic places, preservation planning studies and education and training programs.

The spring grants awarded in amounts greater than $35,000 will be announced on August 1.

The State Historical Fund The next grant application deadline is Monday, October 1. The online application portal will go live on August 1.  Nonprofit and public organizations interested in projects that adhere to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties are encouraged to apply. State Historical Fund staff are available to provide helpful feedback on draft grant applications. All projects must demonstrate strong public benefit and community support. Grants vary in size from a few hundred dollars up to $200,000. Please visit or call (303) 866-2825 for more information.

The State Historical Fund was created by the 1990 constitutional amendment allowing limited gaming in the towns of Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. The amendment directs that a portion of the gaming tax revenue be used for historic preservation throughout the state.