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Advocacy and Good Eats on the Menu at History Colorado’s New Culinary-Centric Event Series

Series will explore the living history and expertise of Colorado’s diverse communities by partnering with them to share their cultures on their terms

DENVER — November 2, 2023 — On November 13, 2023, from 6 – 8 p.m. History Colorado is presenting an evening of “Advocacy and Good Eats” in partnership with Brew-Ability, a pioneering restaurant in downtown Englewood, Colorado. Part of History Colorado’s new culinary-centric event series, Community Table, this extraordinary gathering not only celebrates the joy of homemade pizza and craft brews but also sheds light on the rich history of disability advocacy in the Centennial State.

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Founded in 2016 by former special education teacher Tiffany Fixter, Brew-Ability is a fully accessible and inclusive brewery and pizzeria that provides a welcoming environment for people with disabilities as both customers and employees. Due to its dedication to accessibility this venue will serve as the perfect backdrop for a meaningful discussion with a number of disability advocates, including Peter Pike, manager at The Office of Independent Living, Julie Reiskin, LCSW and co-executive director of Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, and other special guests.

“We’ve had, and continue to have, really fierce disability advocates in Colorado,” said Nicole Winowiecki, director of development and planning for Brew-Ability. “It's important that people hear this history and are exposed to the inequities in our systems and contemplate how we can be more inclusive to people who interact with the world in different ways.”

Created to put the theories and best practices of accessibility in the workplace into action, Brew-Ability provides numerous inclusive elements for employees and customers. These elements include:

  • adaptive dining items for customers
  • a large dedicated sensory area 
  • a vibrating dance floor for hearing impaired and deaf visitors
  • photo heavy recipe guides for the kitchen staff
  • color coded taps with Braille and accessible registers to support the independence of bartenders 
  • menus with both American Sign Language and Braille options to ensure customers can order in ways that are accessible to themselves and the staff regardless of hearing or vision impairment 

“Employment gives purpose and fulfillment to so many people and we pride ourselves on allowing people with disabilities to earn work experience and build skills that help them continue to be successful in the future, while earning a market wage,” Winowiecki said. “Providing opportunities like this shows employers that by not providing accessible jobs they are excluding a huge chunk of our population that are truly amazing people and hard workers.”

In addition to a discussion on the history of disability advocacy in Colorado, attendees to an evening with Brew-ability will be treated to a pizza buffet and receive one drink ticket, both included in the event's price, allowing them to savor an array of dishes crafted by Brew-Ability's talented team. Tickets ($35-40) are currently on sale for this event but supplies are limited.

This evening at Brew-Ability is one of a number of upcoming events in the works for History Colorado’s Community Table. Envisioned as a living history series authored by communities, Community Table invests in the expertise of Colorado’s diverse communities by partnering with them to share their cultures on their terms.

Community Table events are explorations of cultures, communities, and stories that make the historical personal,” said Ani Steele, Public Programs and Events Manager for History Colorado. “For many people history is dates and times and that puts a step between us and the people we are learning about. By directly connecting with cultures we can learn about the lives of a community and come to appreciate experience as a form of expertise.”

In addition to the evening with Brew-Ability, Community Table is partnering with the CSU Spur campus for a pair of upcoming events:

  • December 12, 2023, Community Table and CSU Spur are holding a zero-waste cooking and history workshop with Paula Thomas, owner of the Ecological Kitchen, and Dr. Rachael Storm, History Colorado's curator of business and industry
  • February 15, 2024, Community Table and CSU Spur will partner with a cultural expert from the Latinx community, as well as Paula Thomas and Dr. Rachael Storm, to explore the cultural, culinary, and historical significance of corn and tortillas

Additional information about Community Table events as well as the other upcoming events hosted by History Colorado can be found at

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