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New Statue Unveiled in Pueblo to Raise Awareness of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Services

PUEBLO— January 11, 2024 — On January 13, 2024, at 3 p.m., a partnership of Pueblo community organizations, including El Pueblo History Museum, are unveiling a statue titled “You Don’t Stand Alone” at Pueblo’s Historic Levee. While a testament to the tenacity and self-determination of the youth of Pueblo, “You Don’t Stand Alone” also serves as a reminder of a tremendous loss to the community and staff of El Pueblo History Museum: that of Erric “Mikey” Lopez, who took his own life in January of 2023.

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A key member of the Teen Museum Corp at El Pueblo History Museum, Erric’s loss was instantly felt by the staff, including Tamara Trujillo, Hands-On History Program Director for History Colorado.

“Erric was such a wonderful young man who distinguished himself from the beginning,” Trujillo said. “His death made me feel helpless and I know other people in this community felt that way too.”

In the immediate aftermath of his death, Erric’s friends and family were left reeling and gathered together for support at the Lopez family home. 

It was during this period that Trujillo and the staff of El Pueblo History Museum decided to create the Museum's Youth Kickback program, which met for the first time on January 29, 2023. Erric’s parents – Erric, Sr. and Tee Lopez – along with their other children – Zaiden and Anyssia – quickly volunteered to assist and personally invited multiple young people to attend and participate.

Envisioned as a safe place for youth, the Youth Kickback program provides a monthly gathering opportunity for the youth of Pueblo while also filling in for missing safety nets. Every meeting of the Youth Kickback includes some sort of creative activity – ranging from collaborative poetry to meditative coloring – while also providing social and physical activities, as well as access to counseling and guidance from professional therapists.

“We just found that there were not enough resources for young people who are struggling with their mental health and knew we had to try and do something,” Trujillo said. 

In addition to nourishing the mental and social health of Pueblo’s youth, a pillar of the Youth Kickback program is providing warm meals to participants, a task that is often subsidized by community partners such as Spark the Change ColoradoEl Movimiento Sigue, and Sober AF Entertainment.

“We know that food attracts people and if they know there will be a meal, many teens will come just for that,” Trujillo said.

Over time the Museum’s Youth Kickbacks have evolved based on the feedback of participants. Recent additions include a calming and comforting room as well as mindfulness practices and acu-detox – an acupuncture practice where needles are placed at specific points in the ear to release tension. Through it all, the program has cultivated a growing sense of empowerment.

“Our staff and the committee behind this program have fostered an incredible sense of community for these kids and that really can’t be overstated; they just feel like the museum is a place where they belong,” said Dianne Archuleta, director of El Pueblo History Museum.

Erric’s friends and family created Erric’s Promise, a committee that has expanded this movement beyond El Pueblo’s Youth Kickback program. 

Youth on the Erric’s Promise committee contribute greatly to its success by sharing their ideas, volunteering for events, selling event tickets, and assisting with marketing. Michael D. Montoya, a senior at Pueblo Central High School, is a key motivator for the committee. Montoya chose the design for “You Don’t Stand Alone” and is currently working with local artist Eric McCue to fabricate the sculpture. 

“Michael is just such a wonderful, quiet, and humble young man who was personally impacted by Erric’s death,” said Trujillo. “He came to us one day and said ‘you only have this (Youth Kickback) once a month but what if someone needs somewhere to go on a Monday night? I want them to have a place they can go and know they are not alone.’”

From Michael’s idea, both Erric’s Promise and “You Don’t Stand Alone” were born.

Since then the community has come together to raise more than $10,000 for the creation of the statue through various events and ongoing youth efforts, all with the goal of raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention services, and reminding the youth of Pueblo they matter. 

“The message we want to send to young people is that their ideas are important and their community contributions are too,” said Trujillo. “You can make an impact and a difference, you just have to use your voice.” 

Erric’s Promise is also working on a website which will be linked to via QR code adjacent to the sculpture. This website will provide links to mental health resources as well as testimonials from individuals who have struggled with their mental health and come out the other side.

While the unveiling of “You Don’t Stand Alone” is a powerful “work of heart,” it is not the end for El Pueblo Museum’s Youth Kickback program, which will continue to offer monthly gatherings at the museum and in the broader community. 

“Through this process I’ve talked with lots of mental health professionals who have outlined the five stages of grief but there is a sixth: finding purpose,” Trujillo said. “This has helped me find purpose through this loss.”

In addition to unveiling the sculpture, the partnership of Pueblo community organizations are hosting a reception on January 13 from 4 – 5 p.m. at El Pueblo History Museum. The museum’s regular Youth Kickback will begin following the reception. All of El Pueblo History Museum’s Youth Kickbacks are open to everyone 13-21 years old. For more information about the Youth Kickback or to get involved, please contact Tamara Trujillo at

Additional information about Erric’s Promise is also available by request and the committee can be contacted at

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