Program Updates

Photo of F.O. Stanley Residence

F.O. Stanley Residence, Larimer County

Find recent and upcoming changes in policies and procedures for the State Historical Fund. For a more detailed look at all of SHF policies and procedures please read the State Historical Fund Guidebook if you are applying for a grant or managing an active grant.

This page is updated regularly. If you are planning to apply for a grant in the near future be sure to check back frequently for new updates or changes. 

2021 Calendar

January 2021


New Non-Competitive Grants

Starting January 1, two new Non-Competitive grants are available. The Micro Grant is a community-level preservation grant that funds anything eligible for a competitive SHF grant up to $5,000. The Planning Grant provides up to $15,000 for applicants to plan for physical work on a resource. This could include nominations, construction documents, and master plans. 

New SHF Guidebook

Outlines all updated policies for application guidelines, grant contracts, and project management. See the new guidebook here.

Letter of Intent 

A Letter of Intent outlining basic information about your project is now required to apply for a competitive grant. Access and start the LOI process here

2021 Grant Rounds Announced 

All upcoming General Grant and Mini Grant round information is provided here.

New Draft Review Policy 

Each project team can submit a draft for one staff review up to one month prior to an application deadline. See the 2021 draft calendar here

June 2021


Summer 2021 Application Opens 

Starting June 1, the Summer 2021 competitive General Grant application will open to all applicants with an approved letter of intent. 

July 2021 


General Grants 

Starting July 1, General Grant requests increase from $200,000 to $250,000.

Non-Competitive Grants Cash Match Requirements 

Starting July 1, Archaeological Assessments, Historic Structure Assessments, and Survey Plan Grants cash mash requirement will be changing. Review these changes in our guidebook.  

Summer 2021 Draft Review Deadline 

Draft applications will be accepted for the Summer 2021 Competitive General Grant round until Noon on July 1

Summer 2021 Letter of Intent Deadline 

Letter of Intents will be accepted for the Summer 2021 Competitive General Grant round until Noon on July 1.

August 1 


Summer 2021 Application Deadline 

Competitive General Grant applications will be accepted until Noon on August 1

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Values

  • In tandem with the creation of History Colorado’s Anti-Racism Values, SHF launched an examination of its program for diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2020.
  • Changes to the program include the incorporation of a Letter of Intent to our grant application process, demographic questions for grant applicants and reviewers, and diversity, equity, and inclusion training for staff and grant reviewers.
  • Though we are making efforts to respond to this movement immediately, we view this as a permanent aspect of our work and will take a long-term approach in how we identify the best ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our program.
  • We are hiring a consultant to provide initial guidance and put our feet firmly on the path by providing us a framework and assessing our scoring and rubrics for the coming years. Stay tuned as we reach out for feedback on our program.

More Questions About 2021 Updates?

Read our frequently asked questions for more details about the 2021 program updates.