Queen Anne

Black and white photograph of Queen Anne style row

Denver example of Queen Anne Style

Queen Anne is perhaps the most ornate style of the Victorian period evident in Colorado. Popular between 1880 and 1910, the style varies from the highly decorative to a more restrained version found in many residential neighborhoods. General characteristics include a vertical orientation, asymmetrical massing, corner towers and bays, prominent decorative porches, projecting gables, and contrasting materials, particularly brick and wood.

Black and white photograph of Queen Anne style house

Denver example of Queen Anne style

The degree of ornamentation usually distinguishes the high style. Ornamentation is emphasized on a high style Queen Anne through the use of scalloped and painted shingles in the gables, decorative bargeboards, sunburst detailing, and turned spindles on porches and balconies. The corner tower is prominent, but not always found on a high style building, nor is it always located on the corner.

Simpler Queen Anne buildings are less ornate, but usually feature shingled gables, asymmetrical massing, and some decorative detailing, These examples have enough decoration to distinguish them as members of the stylistic category.

Common elements:

  1. corner tower
  2. dormers
  3. scalloped and shaped shingles
  4. iron roof cresting
  5. sunburst detailing
  6. turned spindles
  7. porch
  8. conical roof
  9. multiple gables
  10. bargeboard

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