SHF Updates

Find recent and upcoming changes in policies and procedures for the State Historial Fund. For a more detailed look at all of SHF policies and procedures please read the State Historical Fund Application Guide if you are applying for a grant or the State Historical Fund Grant Manual if you are managing an active grant. 

This page is updated regularly. If you are planning to apply for a grant in the near future be sure to check back frequently for new updates or changes. 

Current Timeline

A timeline of upcoming grant rounds and anticipated updates for SHF in the near future. 

Recent Updates

Mini-Grant Awards

 Award notification one month after the application deadline.

Property Protections

 Increased levels of the total received funding for one project before a letter of agreement, covenant, or easement is required.

Grant Agreements

 No additional signatures required for requests under $150,000, leading to faster contracting.

Survey Plan Grant

 New non-competitive grant to plan built environment survey projects

Digital Capabilities

 More deliverables and financial forms are being processed digitally, without hard copies or wet signatures. Payments are now made quickly and securely via electronic transfer

Updates Coming in 2021

SHF is making some exciting updates to our program in 2021. All of these changes will be published in our brand new Application Guidebook and Grant Manual in January 2021 to be followed by all new updates going into effect in July 2021.

January 2021

New Application Guidebook and Grant Manual

 Outlines all updated policies for grant contracts and project management.


July 2021

General Grants
  •  The maximum request amount increases from $200,000 to $250,000.
  •  One grant round a year. Date TBD.
  •  The maximum request amount increases from $35,000 to $50,000.
  •  Up to three grant rounds a year. Dates TBD.
Non-Competitive Grants*
  •  The maximum request amount increases to $15,000. 
  •  New planning grant for built environment projects for items such as planning, construction documents, master plans, and maintenance plans.
  •  New micro-grants for up to $5,000, with a 50/50 cash match.

*Due to COVID-19 this may be moved up and become effective July 2020.

More Questions About 2021 Updates?

Read our frequently asked questions for more details about the 2021 program updates.